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Why A Home Inspection Is Absolutely Essential

January 1, 2017

Today’s modern homes look and feel spectacular by any measure. Stunning granite countertops, rich hardwood floors and high ceilings can take your breath away. However, when buying real estate purchase it is important to make the smartest and most prudent financial decisions. This is especially true considering that a home purchase can be one of the biggest investments in an individual’s life. Long before you put down a large deposit and agree to a decades-long mortgage, always make sure that everything is in good working order.

Making a Sound Purchase

A Langley home inspection can be a lifesaver for those investing a large amount of money into a major real estate investment. Everything from checking that the heating and air-conditioning system works as advertised and that any cracks in the foundation are found is paramount to making a sound purchase. From checking the roof for potential leaks and inspecting the plumbing and electrical system, a home inspector is trained to identify problems and potential issues that could end up costing a new homeowner a substantial amount of money.

Part of the Normal Buying Process

Not surprisingly, according to the American Society of home inspectors, the total number of home inspections being performed on an annual basis only continues to increase each year. It is a statistical fact that more than 90% of all home sales involve a comprehensive home inspection. This telling statistic clearly conveys the significance and importance of having a professional home inspection conducted as part of the normal buying process. Inspectors can save the day by locating mold that may be growing in areas where an average homeowner would not expect.

Final Written Report

Finally, seasoned homebuyers know the importance of a good home inspection. In fact, those with experience buying real estate always make sure that the purchase of a home is contingent upon the buyer’s approval of the home inspector’s final written report. Any time you intend to make a written offer on a piece of real estate, simply include the home inspection as a condition of purchase. Anything less will simply not do when large sums of money are at stake. As long as the home inspection report shows a clean bill of health, you can feel confident in proceeding with the purchase. Conversely, if the report shows several negatives, it is easy to adjust your offer or negotiate with the seller for a better deal. Contact Jesal home inspections today for Coquitlam home inspections that get results.