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What Kind Of Problems Could My Home Inspection Uncover?

January 18, 2017

In answering this question the first thing to know is that a complete professional home inspection in Abbotsford BC could in some cases cover up to 1000 individual items. With a typical inspection easily taking up to three hours, many items are checked, inspected, reviewed and tested. A final report will typically include hundreds of individual items that have been carefully looked at in great detail. That said some of the more common items that may be uncovered during a routine inspection include but are not limited to the following:

• Any faulty lines associated with water heaters
• Overflow valves and piping as well as hazardous flue associated conditions
• The potential for environmental contamination caused by asbestos
• Other contamination hazards associated with formaldehyde, mold, radon, lead paint, soil contamination or water contamination
• Water damage in ceilings, walls and floors
• Maintenance related issues associated with chipped paint or rotting decks
• Faulty fuses as well as many other types of electrical problems that can easily cause a safety or fire hazard
• Plumbing and drainage type problems that could result in water intrusion below a home
• A leaking roof that is defective because of aging or weather-related damage
• Inadequate ventilation in an attic as well as in other areas of a home
• Overall attic condition along with the condition of attic vents
• Improper or poorly maintained weather stripping resulting in excessive air leakage
• Poorly applied caulking or missing caulking around fixtures
• Water seepage into the foundation that results in structural damage

Ultimately, home inspectors are experts who are trained to identify issues, problems and hazards that could be of concern to a homeowner. Everything is checked in terms of the interior and exterior of a structure to ensure that no costly homebuyer mistakes will be made. A White Rock home inspection includes a room-by-room review all aspects of the structure. All components of an HVAC system as well as crawlspaces and any other accessible parts of a home are thoroughly inspected to ensure that no stone is left unturned.

As a note, potential homebuyers should plan to accompany their inspector during the entire inspection process. This will help you to better understand the findings in the report that will ultimately be generated. Plan to bring a list of questions to your home inspection. Professional inspectors are always happy to answer all questions in detail. Contact Peter Jesal with Jesal Home Inspections today for home inspections that get results. Call today!

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