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What Is A Certified Level 1 Thermographer?

March 5, 2017

Infrared thermography certification is considered the most important and most respected qualification in the thermography industry. This type of certification ensures that a thermographer is able to professionally operate an infrared camera and interpret that data correctly.

These professionals once completing certification are able to produce expert infrared inspection reports for consumption by consumers. Equally important is that a thermography certification to level I standards ensures that the thermographer will understand the techniques as well as the limitations of all that this innovative and unique technology has to offer. This is true especially with regard to various and specific thermography applications.

The Operation Of Software And Advanced Infrared Cameras

Level I infrared thermography certification is essentially the first of three levels of training required to become fully expertly certified. In most instances, level I professionals will bring to the table years of experience related to maintaining a variety of complex systems or derived from the building industry in general.

Level I thermography involves following a precise and detailed written test procedure including the operation of software and advanced infrared cameras. The main purpose being to accurately measure and identify anomalies based on uniquely identifiable thermal patterns. This allows a professional level I certified inspector to detect issues and problems associated with specific residential or commercial structures.

Advanced Type Of Training

The infrared cameras and other associated equipment are used to compare data with other related equipment to then make an expert judgment based on the technician’s prior experiences. In addition to level I infrared thermography certification, professionals in the industry are able to earn a level II infrared thermography certification. The level II professional will often recommend specific repairs based upon their advanced infrared training.

Level II thermography experts are even able to offer technical direction and guidance to other level I certified personnel. Finally, level III infrared thermography certification is an advanced type of training that is also available. This is considered the most advanced type of training in the industry today. Experts with Level III certification often become thermography managers who oversee others in the field. They develop test procedures as well as various essential criteria used in the field. They may also determine the frequency with which equipment is inspected. When having a Vancouver BC infrared inspection performed, always ensure that the technician is a level I certified professional or higher.

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