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What Benefits Do Infrared Home Inspections Offer?

November 30, 2016

This is a common question that is often asked. Diagnosing home-related problems during a home inspection is indeed far more effective when infrared inspections are performed. Infrared thermographic inspection in Surrey provides for a more complete and highly effective way of getting to the core of the problem or multiple problems within a typical residential home.

Here are some clear and well-defined benefits associated with this type of home inspection technology. One example is the home-electrical inspection related benefits that are typically quite substantial.

Innovative Inspection Protocol

When infrared thermography techniques are combined with conventional inspection tools electrical system type problems can be detected faster and more accurately. Deficiencies in a typical residential electrical system such as loose connections or hot spots can be targeted more fully.

Along with the benefits associated with electrical home inspections this type of innovative “discovery protocol” can also help in detecting water leaks. An infrared camera can be used to scan the entire interior of a home as a way to detect moisture leakage associated with a typical home plumbing system.

Temperature Variations Within The Home

Even a leaky roof or windows that are leaking can be identified in a more positive way by using infrared inspection protocols. This is because moisture is easier to detect as the surrounding areas will typically be dry and warmer. Insulation type problems are equally easy to find using scanners that show large temperature variations within the typical residential home.

Structural issues are also more effectively identified using infrared thermography systems. A routine scan can help to locate structural faults in a residential home structure. Poor heat transfer as well as bad conductivity and other related detectable items may clearly show some level of damaged structural components within a home.

Highest Levels Of Safety

Most importantly always ensure that you are working with a fully certified, trained and professionally licensed Surrey home inspector that specializes in infrared home inspections. Experts in the field can be expected to always exercise the highest levels of safety and to abide by industry standards at all times.

Having a comprehensive and complete home inspection is one of the best ways to ensure that you are making a wise purchase when buying a home. Contact Jesalhomeinspections.com today to learn more about Surrey home inspections that are always affordable, prompt and professional.