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What Are the Most Common Signs of Poor Indoor Air Quality?

January 4, 2017

Having a professional home inspection performed is one of the best ways to detect potential poor indoor air quality problems. Prospective homebuyers should be especially alert to problems with indoor air quality before finalizing a real estate deal. This is simply due to the fact that poor indoor air quality can be expensive and time-consuming to remedy. Here are some of the most common signs that indoor air quality may be less than healthy.

Particularly Noticeable Odors

For example, anytime you smell unusual or particularly noticeable odors this may indicate that an indoor air quality issue exists. In addition, air that is stale, stuffy or simply not fresh may indicate a lack of ventilation or that a home has not been properly maintained. An obvious lack of air circulation of air movement may also suggest less than healthy indoor air. A home inspection will reveal an HVAC system that is dirty or faulty. This along with damaged chimney pipes may all signify that there could be potential indoor air quality hazards present.

Excessive Humidity Can Cause Mold And Airborne Spores

Also of concern is when there is more than 60% total humidity detected or when a damp or wet basement is discovered. Excessive humidity can cause mold and airborne spores that are known to be extremely unhealthy especially to the young and elderly. Another thing to look out for with regard to the quality of indoor air is fuel-combusted-appliances that are improperly vented or drafted. A leaking roof as well as water leaks in general such as leaking pipes can be a major concern and can actually affect air quality indoors.

Vancouver Indoor Air Quality Testing

This is because areas of persistent moisture can result in mold ultimately causing odors and potential airborne spores as mentioned. Elevated levels of indoor mold are considered extremely dangerous and should be identified and corrected as soon as possible. Finally, it is not surprising that remodeling or renovation projects as well as new furniture and even the installation of new carpeting can have an effect on the quality of indoor air. Consider all these important aspects of air quality when maintaining your existing home or when making a real estate buyer’s-offer or purchase. Contact Jesal Home Inspections today to learn more about professional-grade home inspections in Maple Ridge and Vancouver indoor air quality testing. Call today to learn more!