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What Are The Most Common Problems Home Inspectors Encounter?

December 26, 2016

Homeowners as well as home buyers can gain an advantage by simply knowing what are the most common types of problems encountered by today’s highly experienced home inspectors. For example, decades of collected data over a wide area indicates that faulty wiring is perhaps the top problem encountered by inspectors when checking a home. These problems can include everything from mismatched amperage to open junction boxes as well as wires that have no wire nuts. Having an electrical contractor repair these types of issues quickly is always essential.

Structural Stability

Another very common problem encountered by inspectors is inadequate drainage or poor grading around the outside of a house. This can result in everything from leaking in the basement to spongy or soft soil detected around the foundation. When this type of soil is found it is important to have it removed to ensure continued structural stability and moisture resistance. Equally of concern is when faulty gutters have been discovered. Gutters can easily become bent or clogged thereby restricting water flow away from a home. This problem should also be remedied to ensure that roofing damage does not occur.

Vancouver Home Inspections

It should be noted that problems with gutters as well as grading and drainage issues could ultimately cause basement dampness. When powdery residue is found on the walls or water stains are detected, mold and mildew may be present. Homeowners or those who are considering purchasing a home should know that water damage is a serious and very costly problem. Home inspectors are trained and highly skilled at detecting any sign of potential water damage. The roof is another area that is most frequently found to have problems during an inspection.

Roofing Problems

Roofing troubles can include everything from missing flashing to broken flashing as well as shingles that are curled or brittle. Roofing related issues are a serious concern because they can allow water to enter the attic and even migrate into the walls and the home interior itself. When roofing problems are found it is important to have new shingles put into place or to replace the entire roof. Any flashing that is defective should be replaced around chimneys and other similar types of roof related protrusions. These are just a few of the most common types of problems that inspectors encounter today. Contact Jesal home inspections to learn more about West Vancouver home inspections that get results. Call Today To Learn More!