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Welcome To The Future: Pre-Inspected Real Estate Listings

March 9, 2017


In days gone by home inspections were intended primarily for the benefit of the purchaser of a home. However, pre-inspected listings are becoming more popular today because they benefit everyone including the purchaser, seller and even the realtor. Most importantly, pre-inspected listings or an inspection that is performed prior to a house being listed for sale ensures that all parties subject to a real estate transaction are aware of the physical condition of the property long before an offer is actually made. In short, there will be no surprises following the sale of a home while deals are less likely to fall through.

Emotional Distractions

As an added advantage, there is less chance of ongoing renegotiation when a pre-inspected listing is involved. For example, in the past following a typical signed purchase agreement, a home is then inspected resulting in a purchaser often wishing to negotiate a better price. When all parties know the condition of a home prior to an offer being made, there is far less likely a chance of delays and renegotiations. This is important to consider because renegotiations can be difficult, time-consuming and costly. Frustration, confusion and emotional distractions can ensue ultimately affecting the outcome of any real estate transaction.

Expedite The Sale

Another good reason to consider having a pre-inspection prior to listing a home for sale is that it helps the seller have a more realistic idea of what the home is actually worth. This can actually save the seller a lot of time and trouble by listing the house at a more accurate price point. In addition, an inspection prior to listing a home for sale can help the seller repair items prior to buyers viewing the home. This can expedite the sale of a home and make it more appealing to potential homebuyers. At the end of the day, closing a deal in real estate is more assured when a home is professionally pre-inspected.


Best of all, having a pre-inspection does not necessarily mean that the purchaser will not have the advantage of meeting with a home inspector. Most home inspection companies will guarantee a walk-through for the purchaser when requested. It should be noted that choosing carefully when it comes to a home inspection company will make all the difference when having pre-inspections as well as traditional home inspections performed. Take the time to explore all options when it comes to having your home pre-inspected in Vancouver BC as a seller or having a general inspection performed as a buyer.

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