Home Inspections Vancouver WA

Home Inspections Vancouver WA

Home Inspectors in Vancouver

A Home Inspection is a professional and valuable service for home buyers, home sellers and homeowners. A Home Inspection will give a professional view of the condition of the home. Our experienced home inspector will perform a visual Home Inspection Service of the home in Vancouver location and detail his findings in a report. The findings in this report will allow the buyers and their agents to either renegotiate the deal or simply walk away if too many issues are uncovered.
A seller may want to get a pre-inspection done so the issues discovered can be fixed before putting it for sale. A homeowner on the other hand may want a professional opinion of the property.

A detailed report, with full color photos of the various aspects of the house, is prepared by the home inspector Vancouver highlighting the following areas:

• Exterior
• Roof, Chimney and Flashing
• Interior
• Heating and Cooling Systems
• Electrical Systems
• Insulation and Ventilation
• Plumbing Systems
• Appliances

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