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Top Renovation Tips for Selling Your Home

Selling a home can be a difficult, drawn-out process. When putting a home on the market, many property owners consider a variety of home improvement projects that can add value to the property and make the home more attractive to buyers.
If you are considering home renovations to increase the property value or help the home sell faster, it is important to realize that some projects will not help you reach these goals. In fact, some of the best home improvements for selling a home are things that wouldn’t even occur to most people. This can include projects like using an electric chainsaw to trim tree limbs to make your lawn look more manicured or even just repainting your front door.

The following are some of the best renovation tips that can help you sell your home quickly.

Address the Mechanicals
While they might not be the first things to come to mind when looking for a home, equipment like the air conditioner, furnace, and water heater can all have a significant impact on the value of a property. If any of these machines is past or close to its expected operating life, buyers might want a considerable break on the price to account for the potential costs of upcoming repairs or replacement. In some cases, they might not even want to buy the home if they expect this type of work might be needed in the near future.
A good example is replacing the water heater. The expected life of a water heater is 8-12 years. If yours is older, you could make your home more attractive by having a new model installed. You could even upgrade to an energy efficient model to increase the perceived value in the buyers minds.

Interior Paint
Painting the home interior is relatively affordable and offers a good return on investment. Additionally, it can make the home look better and help it sell faster. If your walls look old, worn, and scuffed up, a fresh coat of paint can do a lot to restore the space. Even better, it’s a job you could save money on by deciding to do it yourself.

Lighting Upgrades
Lighting can make a significant difference when it comes to the perception of an interior space. Homes with poor indoor lighting are less inviting, and they tend to sit on the market longer than homes with better lighting. Upgrading a home’s light fixtures can be a good way to make the home look better. Also consider switching to energy efficient lights to increase the value of the project.

Kitchen & Bathroom Upgrades
If you are going to remodel any of the rooms in your home, focus on the kitchen and master bathroom. These two rooms tend to have the most impact on the value of the property and they are also among the rooms that are listed as most important by homebuyers.
In the case of both of these rooms, you do not want to go overboard and remake the space entirely. A lightweight remodel can make a significant difference while still offer a good return. Consider painting the walls and using a tool fitted with oscillating saw blades to replace the hardware on cabinets and drawers. You could also consider switching out old countertops and fixtures that may be a little dated.

Home Exterior
Some of the most valuable home renovations come from work done to the exterior. When buyers come to see the home, the first impression is made from the curb. That’s why you want to do what you can to improve the appearance of the exterior. You should keep mowing the lawn regularly, and you also want to trim any trees or bushes.

Beyond maintaining the landscaping, you should also look into improving the front exterior of the home itself. According to Remodeling.com, replacing the garage door and the front entry door are two projects with the best ROI. While replacing the exterior siding can be expensive, you could also improve the appearance and the resale value by having the exterior power washed.
The best renovations for home sellers are those that come at a relatively low cost while adding a comparatively high value to the property. Along with the tips mentioned here, you also want to make sure to take care of any minor maintenance issues and clean the home from top to bottom. If you are strategic about the work you do, you can help your home sell without having to invest a lot of money.