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Tips On How To Arrange A Home Inspection

March 20, 2017

Buying a home comes with many responsibilities. The least of which is not to ensure that a proper home inspection has been performed. In fact, a professional home inspection should be done as soon as possible following the purchase offer acceptance. It should be noted that in many cases a real estate contract will define a specific number of days within which the inspection must be completed. Following the initial inspection, there are also stipulations with regard to who will pay for the repairs and how soon they will be done.

Professionalism And Competency

Those having a home inspection should only work with an experienced, knowledgeable and professionally trained Vancouver BC home inspector who is accredited in BC to conduct these types of checks. Only choose an inspector who has acquired the necessary credentials ensuring the highest levels of professionalism and competency. When choosing an inspector it is also important to make sure that he or she has access to up-to-date technical support. An inspector should also make available post inspection advice as necessary.

Answer Questions

A good home inspector can be expected to be available in the future following the actual inspection. Your inspector should be able to answer questions as they arise even long after the actual inspection has been finalized. In addition, when arranging a home inspection it is essential to confirm that all utilities will be turned on at the time of the scheduled inspection. Failure to have utilities on and available may result in a second trip for the inspector and added expense to the home buyer.

Further Evaluation

Having all utilities on and readily available helps to ensure that the inspector can operate all home systems. Another key strategy to get the most out of any inspection is for the home buyer to accompany the inspector during the actual inspection process. Homeowners can learn a tremendous amount from inspectors allowing them to better understand each individual item and component within the house. In some instances an inspector may recommend further evaluation of specific areas of the home. Anytime more detailed information or work is required your inspector will guide you in finding the help needed.

The Final Walk-Through

Finally, homeowners should understand all conditions that have been identified within the inspection report. Any areas of concern should be resolved to the buyer’s full satisfaction prior to closing. The inspection report is essential and should be on hand for the final walk-through of the home that you intend to purchase. Homebuyers should take the time to understand all of the items listed by the inspector. As an added note, new homeowners should never forgo the final walk-through. The final walk-through is important because it allows the home buyer to verify that all repairs have been made as agreed upon. Talk with your Coquitlam home inspection professional today to learn more.

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