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Tips on Decreasing Exposure to Mold

February 5, 2017

Anytime you find mold growing in your home it is a serious concern. Most importantly, those who are sensitive to mold should avoid areas where mold is most prevalent. This can include compost piles, areas were wood is stored or areas were cut grass is piled. Inside the home, mold can appear just about anywhere, especially if there is moisture, humidity and a viable food source such as wood. The best way to control mold is to keep humidity levels low and keep bathrooms well ventilated. Even the kitchen area should always be well ventilated as a way to prevent the growth of mold.

Never Mix Ammonia And Bleach

The best way to eliminate mold on hard surfaces is to use a soap-and-water solution or a solution of bleach that is usually composed of one cup of household laundry bleach added to about a gallon of water. As a note, experts recommend never mixing ammonia and bleach or other household cleaners. The mixing of non-compatible solutions or cleaning products can easily result in dangerous toxic fumes that can cause injury.

Protective Eyewear

Also important to consider when using toxic cleaners or bleach is to always keep doors and windows open to provide for an adequate flow of fresh air. If possible, wear nonporous gloves and some type of protective eye-wear to avert an accident. For larger areas that require cleaning and mold removal it is best to call in professionals to have the work done in a comprehensive and more complete way. Having a mold inspection is usually the first step in correcting an indoor mold problem around your home.

Carpeting Or Furniture

Other proactive ways to deal with household mold include using mold inhibitors combined with paint when painting around your home. Bathroom and kitchen cleaning products should be of the variety that have mold-killing compounds as one of their ingredients. Finally, any time you experience an event where carpeting or furniture become soaked with water, remove and replace as soon as possible. Simply keeping humidity levels in your home below 50% is one of the best ways to stop mold in its tracks.

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