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Smart Tips For A More Successful Home Inspection

December 15, 2016

An investment in real estate typically involves a large sum of money. That is why it is so important to have a thorough and comprehensive home inspection preformed. Even if only minor issues are detected, a home inspection is well worth the time, effort and money. That said there are cases where more substantial problems may be present. When an inspection uncovers serious or major problems with a home it may be time to simply walk away from the deal. Here are a few big problems that may be detected in any complete and thorough home inspection process.

Plumbing Or Electrical Problems

For example, asbestos is a big problem and has been for many years. Older homes that were built before 1990 may indeed contain this proven hazardous material. It should be noted that asbestos could be very expensive to remove. Plumbing or electrical problems that are large-scale in nature can also be very costly to remedy. Homeowners should always consider the repair costs involved with major electrical or plumbing related defects. Even more concerning is that of foundation related issues.

Catastrophic Damage To A Foundation

While small minor cracks may not be a big deal, major deep-rooted cracks could be a serious problem. It is a fact that minor settling of most foundations does occur, however an experienced West Vancouver home inspector may find something more substantial in terms of structural stability. Poor soil conditions or even tree roots can cause catastrophic damage to a foundation. Equally of concern is the detection of lead paint. As with asbestos, older homes could indeed have lead paint throughout. Those with young children should exercise extreme caution when considering the purchase of a home where lead paint is present.

Destructive Pests

Finally, a dedicated home inspector in West Vancouver will check for other major types of notable “flags” such as serious roof damage where replacing a roof would be required or the presence of destructive pests. Termites, mice and rats as well as many other pests can actually damage the very structure of a home. As an added note, water damage and the mold that often accompanies this type of damage can be of concern also. Water damage typically involves very expensive remediation and repair related work. Contact Jesal home inspections for a wide range of quality home inspection packages today.