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Should You Inspect For Mold Before You Buy?

December 21, 2016

The short answer is always yes. This is an important consideration because mold can be insidious, hidden and hard to find. Homeowners and potential homebuyers would be well advised to always consider having a mold inspection performed. Most importantly, if there are any prior or existing moisture related issues, a mold inspection really becomes essential. Mold and the accompanying spores can cause serious problems for the very structure of a house as well as the occupants within the home.

Serious Health Hazard

Potential homebuyers should know that the inhalation of large quantities of mold spores could cause serious health related problems. Much research and many studies have shown that mold is a serious health hazard to people of all ages. Certain materials found in a home can be very susceptible to mold simply because the material may act as a food for mold. This includes wood, fabric, drywall and even paper. It should be noted, however, that the only way for mold to thrive on these types of materials is to have water or moisture present.

Remediation Can Be Very Costly

Eventually, if mold goes unchecked for long enough it can actually cause structural damage in a home. Potential homebuyers should also understand that the presence of mold could effect a real estate transaction. In other words, most realtors will advise a potential homebuyer to avoid purchasing any home where mold is detected. Sellers of a home should consider this important fact as well. As a note, the seller of a home where mold has been detected is required to disclose it to a buyer. Perhaps one of the most pressing reasons to have a mold inspection is because mold remediation can be very expensive.

Telltale Signs

The mold remediation process is very costly because mold contaminates materials and must be removed. Mold is a major concern for homeowners as well as the sellers and buyers of real estate. Exercise extreme caution when considering the purchase of a home where mold has been found. Some telltale signs that there may be mold include a leaky roof, noticeable water seepage, a smelly basement or even simple water stains. Never second-guess mold and always opt for a complete and thorough mold inspection when buying or selling real estate. Contact Jesal Home Inspections today for Coquitlam home inspections and Maple Ridge home inspector professionals that get results.