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Should I Be Concerned About Toxic Mold In My Home?

January 29, 2017

Respiratory Health Issues

The easy answer is yes. The hazards associated with molds that typically contain mycotoxins are very real. It should be noted that some types of molds do not produce mycotoxins. Most people would be surprised to know that there is always some amount of mold just about everywhere in our world. It is found on surfaces in your home and floating in the air. In rare cases the kind of mold that produces mycotoxins can result in chronic memory loss and even pulmonary hemorrhage.

The Negative Effects of Mold are Particularly Troublesome

The smart approach to dealing with mold in your home is to be proactive and seek remedy for the problem as soon as it is discovered. The most frequently encountered health issues common with mold include asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder and other forms of chronic respiratory diseases. These conditions result in people experiencing difficultly breathing. The negative effects of mold are particularly troublesome for the elderly and the very young.

Quick Diagnosis and Treatment

In addition, those with immune suppression may be at clear increased risk for infection from molds and the airborne spores related to mold. Anytime you or a family member feels they have some of the signs of symptoms of mold it is advised to seek the help of your medical care provider as soon as possible. Quick diagnosis and treatment is the best way to protect your health. Having regular mold inspections in Maple Ridge as well as other parts of the greater Vancouver metro area is the best way to keep mold at bay. Contact Jesal Home Inspections today for the best in Coquitlam mold inspection services that get real results. Call today to learn more.

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