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Should an Inexpensive Home Have a Home Inspection?

January 15, 2017

At Jesal Home Inspections we always strive to provide the absolute best in quality home inspections for both residential and commercial customers. Recently we performed an inspection on a fairly well maintained yet modestly priced home. The price of the home was only about $385,000. Here are just a few examples of some of the issues that we were able to uncover during this routine home inspection.

Serious Electrical Hazard

The first item of concern was the customer’s electrical panel. The panel that was located in a detached garage was clearly wired in an improper way. This is a major concern because it can cause a serious electrical hazard for homeowners. In short, the potential for electrical shock goes up quite substantially when any type of home electrical circuitry has been incorrectly wired. In addition, our thorough and detailed inspection uncovered serious structural flaws concerning the customer’s roof.

Signs Of Failure

It turned out that there was a section of the roof that had shingles installed in an area where shingles would normally not be required. This portion of the roof covered a front deck and extended the entire duration of the front of the house. In essence, the roof was too flat in nature to adequately accept shingles. As an end result, shingles throughout this section were showing signs of failure and excessive wear. Also noted were a number of shingles in other areas of the roof that required at the very minimum replacement.

Remediation Work

Finally, upon inspecting the crawlspace considerable moisture and water were detected. In fact, there was a substantial amount of water along the entire back section of the crawlspace. This problem appeared to be a condensation or ventilation related issue rather than a failing or faulty foundation. Remediation work would be required to ensure that mold and rotting wood would not eventually lead to termites. Homeowners and buyers can learn quite a lot from this simple example of a Coquitlam home inspection on a rather modestly priced residential property.

Comprehensive Maple Ridge Home Inspection

The take away on this particular case is that regardless of the value of a home it is always a good idea to schedule a full and comprehensive inspection prior to purchasing. Spending a fixed amount on a home inspection can ultimately save tens of thousands of dollars on costly runaway home repairs. Most notably, a less expensive home that requires very expensive repairs ends up costing an investor or home buyer much more in terms of the overall “percentage of cost” to the actual home value.

Team Of Professionals

Any time you are considering purchasing a home, avoid making a bad financial decision due to poor reasoning or illogical planning. Contact Peter Jesal today to arrange for a Vancouver home inspection that is designed to save you money, time and trouble. Our dedicated team of professionals is always standing by and ready to assist with home inspections in Maple Ridge as well as Burnaby and Coquitlam in addition to multiple other Vancouver area locations. Call today to learn more!