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Say No To Mold Growth In Your Home

February 15, 2017

Not surprisingly, mold can grow just about anywhere and in almost any climate. Typically mold arises as a black, gray or yellow type of growth. It can even appear green at times. In addition, mildew is a particular type of fungus that spreads via very small spores that are carried in air currents both outdoors and indoors. Anytime spores land on a surface, they can eventually turn into mold especially when water is present.

Times Of High Humidity

The main food sources for the growth of mold and mildew are moisture, poor air circulation, warmth, and organic nutrients as well as darkness. Mold growth can often be erratic in nature because of the behavior of spores and how they migrate throughout interior spaces as well as the outdoors. For example, during times of high humidity or heavy rain, mildew and mold can actually appear in places that you would have never thought possible.

Moisture Or Humidity Problem

If you discover mold in your home it is probably because there was excessive moisture in a place where it should not have been. Bathrooms with carpeting are notorious for promoting the growth of mold and mildew. Remember that if you do find mold growth that you likely have a moisture or humidity problem first and foremost. Always keep your home clean and maintain fresh air flowing as a way to greatly reduce the chances of developing mold growth around your house.

Regularly Inspections

Here are a few ways of reducing the chances of developing a mold problem in your home. Always apply mold inhibitors after cleaning surfaces around your home. In addition, make sure that outdoor sprinkler systems are not spraying onto the exterior of your home or coming in through windows. Equally important is to regularly inspect the interior and exterior of your home for leaks or any signs of wetness. Finally, keep relative humidity at or below 50% at all times in your home. Consider these simple yet important tips for keeping mold, mildew and other types of fungus growth out of your home year-round.

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