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Learn More About Household Mold

January 25, 2017

Most people do not realize how hazardous mold can be simply because you would need a microscope to see the spores associated with mold growth. To appreciate the dangers of mold it is first important to better understand this troublesome type of fungus. First of all, mold appears in many different colors once it has actually had time to grow into a colony. The color mold can be orange, yellow, green black or a host of other colors. It should be noted that it is typically not possible to determine the kind of mold that is growing with only a simple visual inspection.

Floating In The Air That We Breathe

Mold is a naturally occurring type organism that is nothing more than a part of the planet’s ecosystem. It resides everywhere and can grow anywhere there is moisture and some type of organic material for the tiny microorganisms to feed upon. Mold and its associated spores and fragments are even floating in the air that we breathe on a daily basis. It should be noted that without the presence of water, oxygen, moisture and the right temperature, mold cannot grow. The perfect environment for its growth is one that is moist and warm with high humidity and plenty of food-source.

As Mold Dries It Typically Releases Spores

Perhaps one of the most useful ways of preventing the growth of mold is to limit the amount of moisture and water in a particular room or area of your home. When water and moisture content is limited in any space, mold is far less likely to develop. Even more alarming is the fact that the spores are in essence like small seeds. These seeds can easily be spread throughout a home or business via an HVAC system or in a number of other ways. It is important to understand that as mold dries it typically releases more spores. Keep this basic fact in mind when attempting to clean mold that has dried on any surface in your home.


One major concern when it comes to mold found in a typical residential home is that it can create what is known as mycotoxins. This is something that is considered to be dangerous to human health. When spores die off they begin releasing mycotoxins. As such, it is always recommended to have mold remediation work performed by professionals. This will ensure that mold and the associated spores will be properly eradicated in order to reduce the chances of encountering serious health issues. In short, living in a home where moldy growth is prevalent can be very bad for your health. Having a comprehensive, detailed and complete Coquitlam home inspection that specifically checks for mold is one of the best ways to find this problematic kind of growth in your home.

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