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Infrared Thermography for a Superior Home Inspection

December 12, 2016

When it comes to advanced home inspection techniques few compare to modern state-of-the-art infrared thermography. It allows the home inspector to view various systems throughout a house in ways that would otherwise not be possible. The inspector is able to see a building envelope, mechanical systems and electrical systems as well as many other components of a home structure with remarkable ease and accuracy. Hot or cool areas are readily identified. Let’s be clear – this is a powerful maintenance tool and resource that should simply not be overlooked.

Electoral Connections That Are Malfunctioning

One of the ways that this type of tool can be so useful is that it can detect abnormal increases in heat that often point to or indicate impending system or component failure. This is especially the case when checking electrical equipment. With Infrared thermography even electoral connections that are malfunctioning can quickly be isolated. When it comes to a detailed and complete home or business structure inspection few other inspection tools can come close. Years ago infrared inspections were not even possible. Today this is no longer the case.

Infrared Thermography In Vancouver

A more comprehensive and in-depth inspection means savings for potential home buyers. Even homeowners wishing to do preventive type inspections will end up saving money with early detection. Finding equipment or other home system components with potential malfunctions equates to less money being spent on replacements and repairs. For example, finding a plumbing or electrical problem early can save big in terms of preventing water damage or even possibly a home fire. In short, infrared thermography is a smart and cost effective way of staying proactive as a homeowner, homebuyer or business owner.

Necessary Repair Work

In addition, infrared thermography inspection protocol requires virtually no direct contact with home systems and components. This provides for an added level of safety and protection for both the Vancouver home inspector and the homeowner. Always remember that if there is a detectable difference in temperature in a home system or component that the problem will likely only get worse over time. When an issue is identified, it is best to have the necessary repair work performed as soon as possible. If you are buying a home, this can be discussed with the seller or worked into the purchase and sale agreement. Contact Jesal Home Inspections today for the best in modern Surrey Infrared thermography. One call is all it takes – we are always here to assist you.