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Improved Indoors Air Quality For Better Health

December 4, 2016

Most people believe that air pollution occurs outdoors, but surprisingly the quality of air in a home is often far worse than the air found outside. Indoor air can be polluted with everything from dust to pollen and lead as well as pet dander and even formaldehyde that is found in some furniture. Fire retardants and radon are also commonly detected in typical indoor air. Conventional cleaners, fragrances and many other types of volatile chemicals are often spotted in today’s modern homes.

Cause Serious Health Related Problems

In addition, microscopic dust mites that are considered to be a serious allergen as well as mold and mildew can permeate a home and cause serious health related problems. Homeowners may be shocked to know that even if they do not own a pet that they may have pet dander in their house. This is simply due to the fact that other pet owners can actually carry dander around on their clothing when they enter your home. The elderly and children are generally more susceptible to asthma and the ill effects of poor indoor air quality.

HEPA Filter

Here are a few ways of improving the quality of air in your home. For example, always keep floors clean and fresh. Frequent vacuuming and cleaning of floors can reduce chemicals and allergens that accumulate over time. When using a vacuum choose one that incorporates a HEPA filter. This helps to ensure that allergens, dust and other toxins are not circulated through the air while vacuuming. Choose a vacuum cleaner that has strong suction and rotating brushes so that cleaning is deep and complete. Pay particular attention when vacuuming to high-traffic areas where dirt and dust tends to accumulate.

Have Regular Indoor Air Quality Testing Performed

Equally important is to place floor mats at each door and entryway to your home. A wide variety of chemicals can easily be tracked into the home on shoes and even on the paws of a family pet. Finally, make it a point to have regular indoor air quality testing in Vancouver performed on your home. This will serve to detect allergens, mold, dust mites and other items that may be accumulating within a house. This is especially true if there has been water intrusion into your home recently. Contact Jesal Home Inspections today for the best in Surrey indoor air quality testing services. We can help, one call is all that it takes!