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How To Help Your Home Inspector Achieve The Best Results

March 15, 2017

Regardless of whether you are buying or selling a home, the home inspection stage of the buying process can sometimes be confusing or overwhelming. For the seller of a home it is a reminder of things that should be repaired. For the buyer of a home this can be an eye-opener with regard to finding a potential dream home. Homeowners and home buyers should remember that the Coquitlam home inspection process should not be stressful. Rather, it should be a comprehensive assessment of a property that will benefit both the seller and the buyer.

Achieve The Best Possible Results

Working in unison with your home inspector is the best way to ensure the best possible results from this very important aspect of transferring any type of real estate or real property. Here are a few essentials when it comes to helping your home inspector achieve excellent results for all involved. For example, home sellers should always remember to clean thoroughly prior to having a home inspection performed. Remove any unnecessary clutter and organize various areas where the home inspector will require access.

When Learning Of Deficiencies

In addition, homeowners with pets should plan accordingly so that there will be no interruption in the inspection process. Most inspections will require easy access to interior and exterior doors. Pets can only serve to interfere with the process regardless of how friendly they may be to strangers. It is best to make arrangements for your pets long before the home inspection actually takes place. As a note, whatever is found by the home inspector from the buyer’s perspective can be fixed. This simply means that buyer should not become overly stressed when learning of the deficiencies in a home.

Water Damage Or A Water Leak

Most importantly, deficiencies found by an inspector can be used in most cases to negotiate a better price on a home. Even something serious like a damaged roof can be replaced and can be negotiated into the overall pricing profile of the house. One note of caution is with regard to water. If there are signs of water damage or a water leak, buyers of the home should exercise extreme caution, as this can be a very costly problem. This is especially true with regard to remediation costs and the costs associated in dealing with mold. Talk with your Vancouver home inspector to schedule an appointment as a way to protect your real estate investment dollars.

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