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Home Inspections Are Important – Here’s Why

December 19, 2016

In the simplest of terms the inspection of a home is an all-encompassing type of examination of its overall condition. In most cases, a home inspection will take place at the time of sale of a home or other similar type of structure. Because a home is one of the largest investments a person will ever make, an inspection is a very cost-effective way of discovering the overall condition of the property. Always have an inspection as a way to avoid costly and time-consuming mistakes whenever buying real estate.

Maple Ridge Home Inspections

Most experts agree that even a new home construction should have a comprehensive and complete inspection performed. A certified home Inspector will determine the general condition of a house, providing a prospective homebuyer with a detailed report. The inspection and the ensuing report helps a buyer to understand precisely what they are about to purchase. While the home may look great on the surface, inspectors will very frequently detect serious problems associated with plumbing, roofing, electrical wiring, insulation and a wide range of other structural features.

Coquitlam Home Inspections

The most important distinction to understand is that a home inspector can spot and identify issues that may not be noticeable to the buyer. This in itself is a clear reason to always have a complete inspection performed by a professional. In many ways having a property inspected by an expert is an insurance policy of sorts. It is designed and intended to protect your investment dollars so that you do not make a major financial miscalculation by buying real estate that may require tens of thousands of dollars in repairs. A certified home Inspector will cover all aspects of the structure to ensure that it has been thoroughly checked.

Resulting Report

This includes everything from checking and inspecting the structure, roofing, exterior, plumbing, electrical systems, HVAC system, ventilation, insulation and the interior. Further, an inspection of this nature and the resulting report will provide detailed information on improvements or repairs that are recommended by the inspector. These recommendations are typically intend to bring a home up to code and with existing and current standards. As an added bonus, a buyer with a professionally conducted inspection report in hand is often able to negotiate a substantial credit with the seller. Contact Jesal Home Inspections today for Coquitlam home inspections and Maple Ridge home inspections that always get results.