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Getting a Home Inspection? Ask your Home Inspector These Questions

Vancouver is one of the most expensive places in North America to buy real estate. Home ownership is a dream for many. Whether you are buying in the Vancouver or Lower Mainland area – you need to get it inspected. Imagine spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to buy your dream home only to realize there issues that you need to deal with. You are hiring a home inspector to tell you if your home is going to be safe. You want to make sure the Home Inspector you hire has the necessary experience and tools to do a good job.

You need to make sure the Home Inspector will work for you. But how? Plenty of questions- and the right type of questions

Question 1 – What will u check?

An Accredited Home Inspector will thoroughly examine the structural and mechanical elements of a house to determine their quality and functionality. He will then give a clear and accurate https://www.cialissansordonnancefr24.com/ picture of the conditions of these components.

The primary goal is to clearly identify any potential significant defects that will affect your buying decision, and give you a realistic approximation of repair costs.

 Question 2- Can u check everything?

It is important to remember that a Home Inspection is a visual evaluation of observed areas- there will be no intrusive drilling or digging done.

A Home Inspector will note potential problems and may request further evaluation by licensed professionals. There may be a roof issue, a boiler or furnace or maybe even some electrical issues that needs further evaluation or repair.

An experienced inspector will be able to narrow down something big that needs immediate attention and smaller issues that can be fixed later.

Question 3 – How much do you charge?

A lot of people will bargain hunt for the cheapest inspector- believing that they got a deal. Probably a bad mistake.

Keep in mind the amount of money you can save if you hire an experienced inspector that finds the big issues. For example, if your inspector determines the home needs a new roof, a leaky water tank or foundation damage – the inspection just paid for itself.


Question 4. ‘How long have you been doing this?’

In this business – experience matters. An experienced Home Inspector who has done hundreds or thousands of homes and has possibly seen it all. An experienced Home Inspector with the latest tools and ongoing training will be a good choice.

Question 5 – How do your clients review you?

At Jesal Home Inspections- we send out a survey 5 days after an inspection is completed. You can view the reviews by going to this link. This is link is also available on the website


Question 5 –  ‘Can I come along during the inspection?’

An inspector will always want his buyers to be present- or least at the end of the walk through where he can explain the house, the systems and his findings.

Some clients don’t come for an inspection and then get so jittery by just reading a report.

Always be present for the inspection, ask plenty of questions and be satisfied with the inspection because this is going to be the place you want to stay, unless you are buying to renovate and flip it.

Any inspector who says no is a red flag. Walk away.

Try not to be in the way of an inspector when he is inspecting. Too much distraction is not good

Question 6 – How long will you take to inspect this property?

An experienced Home Inspector will take about 2.5 -3 hours on a standard 2500 square feet home and less for a condo/apartment. A report on site may take about an hour more

Either way, a Home Inspector should not be seen rushing to compete an inspection

Question 7- What kind of report will you give me?

Gone are the days of paper reports and piles of paper that no one has the time to go through. Ask for a sample report.

A digital report with pictures is preferred as most people are tech savvy now.

At Jesal Home Inspections, we use the Horizon reporting system

Clients love the ease of navigating through the report, summary page and photos.

Question 8 – What other services do you offer?

It is important that the Home Inspector is adequately trained in different areas. At Jesal Home Inspections we have attended numerous training and certifications on Indoor Air Quality Testing (Mold Testing).

Peter is also a Certified Level 1 Thermographer, having gone through the gold standard training and exam in Building Investigations. Sadly, most are not certified.

Reach us at 778-552-8095 or www.jesalhomeinspections.com