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Expert Advice For First-Time Home Buyers In Vancouver BC

March 12, 2017

Selecting and buying a home in Vancouver can be overwhelming and confusing at times even for the most seasoned buyers of real estate. That said here is some expert advice on choosing and buying a home in the area. Considered one of the largest investments an individual will ever make, buying a house should be done with caution and careful consideration. As one of the most trusted and experienced home inspectors in the region, Jesal Home Inspections has helped many home buyers reduce the confusion and anxiety associated with making a smart real estate buy throughout the greater Vancouver area.

Talk With Local Realtors

Here are a few top considerations to take into account when buying Vancouver BC real estate. For example, location is vitally important when making such a large purchase. Proximity to schools, employment and other frequently visited places can have a big impact on the buying process. Take the time to review both online and off-line all of the information that is available with regard to the specific location where you intend to buy. Talk with local realtors to learn more about the exact area of interest. Ultimately, simply spend time in the region or town where you are considering purchasing. Visit the library or simply shop around. Consider visiting the area during the day, nighttime and even over the weekend to get a good sense of the area.

Not Visible To The Naked Eye

The condition of a home is a very significant factor when preparing to make a purchase offer. A certified Vancouver home inspector can ultimately save you time, money and trouble in this regard. A professional home inspection will detect many defects that are both visible and not visible to the naked eye. This will help a potential buyer have a better idea of the costs involved with bringing a home up to acceptable standards. Buyers should also consider how long they plan to occupy the home they intend to buy. For example, if you only plan to live in a home for a short time and resell, it may be best to buy one that has little or no defects or problems that require repair.

Pass All Preliminary Inspections

In other cases, homebuyers may choose a new construction home. It is important to note that even when buying a newly built home it is essential to have a complete home inspection performed. Even though a new home may be up to code and pass all preliminary inspections, a thorough and detailed inspection by a certified home inspector will often find defects even in a newly built house. Choosing the right home inspector in Vancouver is absolutely essential to long-term success when buying Maple Ridge real estate. Always choose an inspector who is qualified and one that has a proven track record. This will ultimately save you a lot over the long and short term.

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