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Buying or Selling A Home? Things Your Home Inspector Wants You to Know

People are still buying and selling homes – even though we are known to be one of the most expensive places to own real estate in North America. Mortgage rules are being tightened but it’s not slowing down the real estate market- at least not in Vancouver

However, the process of a home inspection can be stressful for anyone.  No Home Inspector wants to scare anyone or cause a deal to fall through. It is good to be well informed and educated so you know what to expect.

Whether you are buying or selling – working with your trusted Realtor and an Accredited Home Inspector can help make the process as smooth as possible.

These are some tips for you. Let’s start with the sellers

  • A Clean Home

A clean home makes a home inspection easier. Remove clutter from under your kitchen sink and keeping the closets clean and tidy. A Home Inspector will not move belongings- as this is a non- invasive inspection only. In most instances, the buyer will come for the walk through and you want to create a good impression. No one likes to come into a dirty home.  Realtors will have the home cleaned for open house or showings- so keep it that way for an inspection too

  • Easy Access

One of the biggest obstacle to an inspection is easy access. There have been numerous times when the access to attic is blocked- and getting up there is like being Spiderman. Don’t block the electrical panel-  if there are cabinets or belongings around it- please clear the place. The Home Inspector needs clearance space to open and check the panel. Same goes for the garage- if your expensive car is parked in there, please park it away

PLEASE: A Home Inspector is also human- he also has a family- so please keep him/her safe in your home

  • Furry friends

Many times, the real estate agent or home owner will say- please don’t let the cat out. And I have seen the agent running to catch the cat that just escaped. I had a small dog placed outside in the cold and was shivering. I had to bring him in and play with him. There was so much love in him. I love my pets- but I hate inspecting a home where the dog’s fur is all over me and the smell is overpowering.

Some pets are so keen to help out in the inspection that they tend to follow the Home Inspector everywhere- but that can be dangerous. So please dear Home Seller(s)- take your pet(s) with you.

This section is for BUYERS

  • Too many problems?

Keep calm, the inspection may reveal a lot of problems. Remember the older the home, the greater the chances of issues. Your inspector will be able to tell you which are the issues that needs urgent attention and which can be done later.

Remember- Most homes go through the process of wear and tear. Some upgrades are necessary but then again, are you buying as to flip or buying to live?

What has been someone’s lifestyle may not be yours.

  • Moisture related issues?

With the very wet conditions we have in Vancouver, the number one concern of a home buyer is moisture issues? Whether it is a leaky condo, a leaky roof or perimeter drainage issues- these are always deal killers.

If you are buying a home, consider an Indoor Quality Testing to ensure the home has no hidden mold issues. Always hire a minimum Certified Level 1 Thermographer who can tell you a lot more with specialized Infrared Diagnosis.

Moisture issues or mold remediation can be pricey and stressful. Not all sellers are honest.

We do understand costs can add up, since you have other costs to worry about- but these hidden issues can cause more harm than good.

  • Predicting the future

We cannot predict the future and tell you what can go wrong. But an experienced inspector will be able to give you an honest opinion of things that may go wrong.

This may be the condition of the water heater, heating systems, roof covering etc. This information will help you as the buyer(s) to monitor or budget for replacements and breakdowns

  • Will you buy this home?

 That’s a question I get all the time as a Home Inspector. I had a client asking me “will you buy this home?” I love to but I cannot afford in this pricey neighborhood

Remember- the home inspector is giving you all the information about the home you plan to buy.

Only you know all the factors at play. You and your realtor will the best to answer these questions.


At Jesal Home Inspections, we are committed to providing you the most comprehensive home inspection possible.

We have invested in state of art tools, continuous trainings and technology to do it better.

And we stand by our commitment to Quality and Integrity