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Benefits of Indoor Air Quality Testing

May 24, 2017

Almost every home have indoor air quality issues. High moisture levels occur due to a wide range of issues but we get clients complaining of feeling sick, having bad odors in the home or seeing black mold around windows or bathrooms.

Canadians spend almost 90% of their time indoors; at work, at home, and in recreational settings yet most are unaware of the effects of poor indoor air quality on their health due to the existence of numerous indoor pollutants.

Whatever the problem may be, it is important to hire the services of a trained inspector to correctly evaluate and advise. Mold testing is never recommended when mold is already visibly present.

When mold is not visible testing is then recommended and certified by an Independent Lab with a written report.

Conflict of Interest

It is important to understand that there should not be a conflict of interest.

Remember mold testing is not that expensive. It is the clean up that becomes expensive and stressful to the homeowner.

If a mold inspector offers to do mold remediation- then it’s a red flag. See the difference?

Take time to watch these youtube videos

Insurance companies only cover for water damage and not mold removal.

Why choose a Certified Mold Inspector?

A trained and certified mold inspector will look at the property in totality and advise you of issues that may be present.

Tools used will be a Hygrometer (to test humidity in the air), Moisture Meter (to detect moisture behind drywall or shower stalls). Infrared Camera is known to be useful but not a magic tool. A Certified Level 1 Thermographer will tell you why.

And for sampling – tools needed will be a sampling pump, Air O Cells, swap or tape lift, and an Independent Lab which will verify the results.

At Jesal Home Inspections in Vancouver, we are able to evaluate mold issues in your home or business. We have the experience certifications and tools that will help identify the sources of moisture intrusion and also identify the areas of potential mold issues.

We service Vancouver and the Lower Mainland 7 days a week. We look forward to working with you.