Indoor Air Quality Testing – Mold Testing, VOC and Formaldehyde

We now offer IAQ Home Survey Inspect, also includes the total Mold VOC levels (actively growing mold compounds in the air) and IAQ Home Survey Formaldehyde analysis

Mold (also known as mould), is a catch-all name for over 150 different types of fungus that can take hold in damp areas of your home or business which can cause serious health problems and structural damage. Mold can take hold within 48 hours of a water intrusion and be difficult to identify – even with a regular home inspection.

Do I Need a Mold Inspection?

There are a number of reasons that make a mold inspection a sound decision.


The existence of mold can cause serious health issues, especially among the young, elderly, those with respiratory problems and even pets. Professional mold inspection services can spot and prevent the further spread of mold, protecting you and your family.

Real Estate Transactions

Regular home inspections may not detect mold growth behind walls, ceilings and insulation. Plus, humidity levels and differences from room-to-room may cause hidden moisture problems. These problems can over time be highly expensive to repair and hurt the value of real estate in resale.

Former Flooding

Regular home inspections may not detect previous flooding, known leaks, suspected leaks and the chance of re-flooding – potentially expensive issues that may all lead to mold growth.

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We DO NOT provide MOLD Remediation and have no conflict of interest in the results we provide.