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How Much Should A Home Inspection Cost?

admin / August 27, 2016

Price shopping home inspectors?

Inspection fees vary considerably and yet we find people calling around to see who can offer the cheapest, without asking the real questions – like experience, depth of inspection and different services offered.

There are inspectors who charge as little as $350, no matter the size of the house or how complicated it is to inspect. A seasoned home inspector might charge a few hundred dollars more then the ” cheap priced” inspector, but even that is still a bargain. If the inspection fee on a $600,000 house is $600, that’s .001% of the cost of the house.

Real estate agencies charge 3.0% to 6.0% to sell a house, that’s $18,000 to $36,000 for a $600,000 house! If the owner of a house is willing to pay a real estate agent $18,000 to $36,000 to sell a house, is $600 too much to find out the property’s true condition?

What have you saved when the “cheap priced” inspector fails to uncover a major (expensive) issue or fails to properly convey important findings?

Have you viewed a sample report from the “competitively priced” inspection company?

Does it include photo documentation? (unlikely) Is it a handwritten checklist report? (likely)

If a thorough inspection, full narrative report and photo editing of an average size home takes 5 to 7 hours, (not counting travel time) how “thorough” is the inspector who does two inspections and reports in a day?

With home prices on the rise, it is time to evaluate the choice of using a home inspector, who is not only experienced, impartial but also independent.

You only have one shot at a home inspection, make it count